Implementation of the first industrial simbiosis project in Manresa faced to maximize efficiency in the use of available resources
“Manresa en Simbiosi” is an initiative of the Council of Manresa and the intermediation of Simbiosy ( with the purpose of implementing the first project of industrial symbiosis in order to maximize the efficient use of available resources, creating the basis for promoting synergies between companies /entities.

Main stakeholders involved in the project:
Bufalvent Business Association, Diputación de Barcelona, Manresa Technology Center (Eurecat), Waste Agency of Catalonia, Manresa City Council and Bages Waste Treatment Consortium.

The industrial eco-system was iniciated in 2014 aimed to:
- Help companies in Manresa and Bages area to create awareness and take advantage of synergies with other companies, reducing costs and increasing competitiveness
- Strengthen the industrial base of the area, promoting innovation and the creation of new companies and jobs.
- Open the way to future innovation and applied research projects for both companies and for territorial development
- Raise awareness about the process of adaptation to a circular economy

Resources needed

- Platform "SINER": web platform for identifing synergies for wastes or resources in the terrotory
- Joint workshops with other entrepreneurs to find synergies
- Advice to participating companies about efficiency in the use of their resources

Evidence of success

The wastes quantitites do not determine the success of the Industrial Symbiosis, but the will of people to change and get involved in circular economy projects.
Environmental evidences:
- 11.000 tons of waste that improve its management
- 256 tons less are sent to landfill
- 11 tons of raw materials saved
- 12 GWh of heat saved
- 7 GWh of electricity generated
Economic potentials:
- 1.200.000 € potential savings in energy generation
- 135.000 € potential savings in waste management

Difficulties encountered

Funding, lack of financial resources
Lack of expertise / skills of existing employees within firms

Potential for learning or transfer

Manrea en Simbiosi is an example for projects of innovation and applied research both for companies and for territorial development. It can be easily transfer to other regions using the same tools and with the commitment of local administration. Lessons learnt regarding potential synergies within industrial ecosystems are today being replicated to more IS projects in Catalonia.

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Main institution
Manresa City Council
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
October 2014
End Date


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