Soil research center SOILIA carries out scientific study of soil etc. for development of new remediation techniques and for companies’ product development
SOILIA is a pilot-scale soil research center which offers real-world conditions for conducting basic scientific study of soil etc., carrying out applied research required by companies as part of their product development efforts, as well as developing new remediation methods of contaminated soil. SOILIA rents out research equipment as well as two research fields to universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and companies for the purpose of research of soil, sediments, groundwater and surface water, as well as for testing remediation methods. SOILIA is ideal for a wide range of research and testing projects, including: Testing and risk assessment of soil remediation methods; Measuring water movements and substances carried in water in different types of soil; Measuring the quality of water infiltrated through soil structure.

SOILIA is owned by Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd. SOLIA is a result of a tight regional co-operation between research institutions, funding authorities and businesses. Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd. (LTYP, now LADEC Ltd.) University of Helsinki, Lahti University of Applied Sciences and companies came up with the idea of SOILIA. The role of LTYP was to convince the funding authorities of the importance of SOILIA for research and business life. The aim of SOILIA was to tighten collaboration between universities and business and to develop field courses, lectures and other activities of universities.

Resources needed

Applied funding to establish/built Soilia, year 2004:
EU/ERDF and Ministry of Education (75%) 709 875 €
Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd (8.4%) 79 025 €
University of Helsinki (8.3 %) 78 800 €
Lahti University of Applied Science (8.3%) 78 800 €
City of Lahti 236 625 €
Total funding was 946

Evidence of success

SOILIA is a good example of co-operation between regional research institutions, funding authorities and businesses. SOILIA has helped the research organizations to test their methods in pilot scale and enhance the co-operation with R&D orientated companies. SOILIA also gave the possibility to universities to develop their field courses, lectures and other activities, like test their research innovations and even how to reach the market.

Difficulties encountered

SOILIA has problems with demand. Marketing of SOILIA isn’t efficient and many bodies interested to do research in SOILIA have faced funding cuts. Although SOILIA can be used as a test bed for remediation Finnish law does not demand for this type of testing for the basis of remediation permission.

Potential for learning or transfer

The main focus of SOILIA is to do applied research over the different disciplines. SOILIA offers a good facilities for research with for ex. different chemicals/toxins and for testing new remediation methods and techniques. There is also possible to do preliminary tests which can support decision making procedures of the authorities. Centers like SOILIA can tighten the co-operation between research institutes and especially with R&D orientated companies and give the possibility for universities to develop their field courses, lectures and other activities for example like test their research innovations and ways to reach the market.

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Main institution
Lahti region development LADEC Ltd
Etelä-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
November 2007
End Date


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