The training has a clear focus on realisation of energy saving projects in companies with a standard technology solutions and high cost reduction potential.
Training, which lasts for 6 months with four three days seminars, is organised at the Centre for Energy Efficiency at Public Institute Jozef Stefan. Seminars focus on the acquisition of skills and knowledge for the implementation of energy efficiency measures that provide medium to high reduction in energy use and energy costs at a reasonable investment cost.

In Slovenia the first educational program EUREM was organised within the project EUREM.NET in 2008. Slovenian energy managers are with their project tasks very successful at European level and had received several awards.

The training is usually held extra-occupational and consists of the three following elements: face-to-face teaching, self-learning and preparation of seminar work. During the courses the participants acquire the theoretical knowledge which they may then apply in the practice.

Resources needed

For the successful implementation of workshops, it is necessary to have professionals from energy industry that are specialised at their field. The place where the activities will be carried out should be easily accessible and with modern seminar rooms.

Evidence of success

Evidence of success are estimated energy-saving potentials of 1,5 GWh or around 100.000 € per year per participant with payback period of three to four years.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is recommended that this type of education is carried out by a scientific institution that works in the field of energy efficiency. It should have access to experts and, at the same time, a target group of energy managers in larger public and private companies.
Main institution
Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
March 2008
End Date


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