Regional programme with EU funding via life+ and national funding via the programme e-mobility model regions (e-Log Klagenfurt)
The aim has been to reduce the CO2 emission in Carinthia's traffic system by changing replacing the drivetrain from combustion to CO2 free technologies.
Since we cannot oblige companies to change their fleets, we have to do this first as an example and positive motivation for companies to change their fleets towards electrical drivetrains. So Carinthia changed the first 25 Cars of its regional business fleet to electric.

Resources needed

Only the amount due to buy the 25 electric cars.

Evidence of success

The RG of Carinthia showed, in the “safe frame” of the public hands, that the change from gasoline or diesel towards current is not only a benefit for the climate, but it is also a benefit for the profit of private companies caused by a lower total cost.

Difficulties encountered

The most difficult challenges were passing through the change fears of the colleagues of the RG Carinthia. And the collection of the existing data on the regional fleet.

Potential for learning or transfer

Carinthia is the first region in Austria that changed more than one car to electric, and the total of the plan is to change one third of the whole fleet (100 electric cars), and also to reduce the fleet by one third.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Carinthia
Kärnten, Austria (Österreich)
Start Date
June 2011
End Date
June 2017


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