Regional programme on awareness raising on electric mobility.
One of the main reasons why e-mobility market does not take up like we want to is the missing awareness from the customers, this is what we wanted to address in this programme
The RG of Carinthia started with a Homepage, wrote some e-books, organized five customer fairs (Lebensland Messe) and four congresses (New Mobility Forum) participates with a stand on the small regional fairs in the districts, send a Newsletter and run a test-driver program with more than 1200 drivers and give support to all projects from school projects to start up ideas.

Resources needed

€ 250.000,00 per year. The first three years with one employee. Then three years with five employees And the last four years with one employee. For some bigger events like the fairs and the congress there was some additional budget.

Evidence of success

The Carinthia citizens were in this time far ahead to the other federal regions of Austria in the theme e-mobility. Carinthia is still one of the very few regions in Europe which shows e-mobility in a suburban context.

Difficulties encountered

The most difficult challenges were passing through seven elections with the whole initiative.

Potential for learning or transfer

The first fair in 2009 showed that the Carinthian citizens want to have e-mobility and they are very interested. And the fair seems to represent a good way to support this up coming market.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Carinthia
Kärnten, Austria (Österreich)
Start Date
April 2009
End Date
April 2013


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