Supporting Start-ups, particularly in life sciences and health sectors in growing by Incubation and company acceleration.
The aim is to stimulate entrepreneurship in researchers and offer industrial researchers spin-off paths, complementary to initiatives carried out in university context.
3 complementary approaches:
• DISCOVERY FUTURE: scouting and stimulus to birth of innovative companies in university incubators
• DISCOVERY AXCELERA: stimulate growth/ scale up innovative businesses
• DISCOVERY PARTNERPORT: attraction of start-ups from other territories
- Pre-scouting and selection: meeting with startuppers and proposers, involvement in national contest (Unicredit Startlab, Marzotto Prize, BIoupper, etc)
- Kick off meeting and coaching contract: diagnostic meeting with selected startup, identification of activities to realize, definition of coaching contract
- Periodic meetings: identification of milestones, progress monitoring, involvement of external experts, definition of business approach, identification of regulatory path and targeted market
- Promotion: business development activity, definition of presentation package, contact with VSs, support to presentation/pitching, contact with big companies and identification of open innovation initiatives
Length 12-18 months
Expected beneficiaries are start-ups1-2 y.o. (5/7 startups/year)
Optional settlement in the science park
Coherence with regional policies:
- Synergistic to Innovation cluster life science project bioPMed and with startup support scheme (structural funds)
- In line with S3 regional document

Resources needed

Around 50.000 euro/year with an interdisciplinary team able to cover both scientific, technical managerial issues of selected startups.

Evidence of success

Surviving rate of start-ups 100% after 3 years.
Last 10 years
- Around 45 companies supported
- 1 failure
- 2 listed at Nasdaq
- Around 90mm million euro raised
- Around 250 new job places created
Succes example :
- Creabilis therapeutics acquired by sienna Biopharmaceuticals for 155 ML euro, now listed at NASDAQ
- AAA listed at NASDAQ and after acquired by Novartis

Difficulties encountered

Difficulties to access risk capital at Italian level
Lack of managerial skills in startup teams
Lack of ambition and global vision

Potential for learning or transfer

We would like to couple the initiative/program with a seed capital local fund
We would like to develop a network of peers in Europe and out of Europe in order to offer internationalization development opportunities
We developed a new model that could be exported in other “similar” environment with standard training modules and a quite standard approach in managing relation and coaching with startups

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Main institution
Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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