The deployment of a charging infrastructure is essential for the development of electric vehicles. The ESEN network is fuelled from photovoltaic energy.
The deployment of a charging infrastructure is essential for the development of electric vehicles. Even better if the Charging network can be fuelled from photovoltaic energy. In March 2017 ESEN (Electrolineras Sostenibles SL (Sustainable electric charging station LTD) installed, in La Granja (Segovia), the first solar charging station for electric vehicles that is 5 metres high and completely sustainable. It has ninety photovoltaic modules and 8 chargers that allow up to 20 electric vehicles to charge simultaneously. Charging is performed from alternate current (22kW each charger) and allows to fill 80% of the car battery within 20 minutes up to 1 hour. Prices are 50% cheaper than those offered by other competing companies. The ESEN cardealers can charge for free during 5 years.
This good practice is related to:
- Recharging infrastructures (The growth of electro-mobility is gaining a rising demand therefore the need for charging stations will become increasingly pressing).
- Research and Innovation.

Resources needed

The related investment has been 160.000 euros, partly supported with crowdlending.

Evidence of success

It is a successful initiative as nowadays, they are building 2 Sustainable electric charging stations, in Boceguillas (Segovia) and in Linares (Jaén). For the next couple of years they plan to install 200 additional photovoltaic stations.

Difficulties encountered

The main problem was the need to raise money for covering the costs of the project. Almost half of the investment was raised with a crowdlending campaign. In total there were 99 investors who bet their savings on the project in exchange for an annual interest of 5.5%.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice could be potentially interesting for other regions for the reason that it promote the use of EVs in urban areas and its recharge with clean energy. Furthermore, it is important to highlight the way of financing. This alternative form of supporting small businesses can bring great benefits to the economy development of the area.
Considering Poliedra’s report on the Template on Electro-mobility Preparedness and Needs, all partners could use it in order to solve the problems with “High costs for initial investments in development and infrastructures “.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Castilla Y León
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
March 2017
End Date


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