Lazio Region started the construction process for the new Regional Energy Plan (REP).
The Regional Energy Plan (PER) is the tool with which the regional competences in energy planning are implemented, with regard to the rational use of energy, energy saving and the use of renewable sources.
The PER incorporates the guidelines of the Strategic Document and contains the study of the current energy system, the trend scenarios, the target scenarios for increasing energy efficiency and renewable sources and the actions necessary to achieve them within the deadlines set by national and European legislation.
The PER describes the package of actions, to be implemented in the medium-long term, to promote: the increase in the production of energy from renewable sources in line with territorial development and synergistic integration with other sectoral policies (water, air , waste, etc.); energy efficiency in all areas of final use (civil, industrial, transport and agriculture); the development of sustainable, intermodal, alternative and shared mobility (for people and goods); the modernization of the regional energy system and the governance system; the promotion of the change in lifestyles, through a more conscious behavior in the use of energy, aimed at limiting energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all areas.
The implementation of the PER will therefore operate in synergy with the aforementioned sector planning (RPMTL- Regional Plan for Mobility Transport and Logistic).

Resources needed

The national legislation provides several methods of financing for the implementation of interventions to support electric mobility.

Evidence of success

the PER considers it reasonable to support the energy transition through the development of electric mobility (also extended to two-wheel vehicles) and refueling infrastructures, also conjugated with the paradigm of the shared medium, spreading for example electric car sharing solutions.

Difficulties encountered

Complexity of the planned procedure.
Involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

Potential for learning or transfer

The PER is in close synergy with the objectives of energy savings in transportation estimated as a result of the PRMTL (Regional Plan of Mobility, Transport and Logistics) The Regional Government of Lazio, in order to promote the development and enhancement of the Lazio region as Central Italy's driving force, crucial crux of the national and European infrastructural system, has launched the Regional Plan of Mobility, Transport and Logistics PRMTL to optimize the conditions of economic, social and environmental sustainability. infrastructures and transport services to the territorial needs and, secondly, to re-establish a sustainable balance between supply and demand for individual and collective transport) and of the PGTU of Rome (General Urban Traffic Plan. Rome which dominates by extension, population, economic activities and interchanges with the other areas of the region).
Main institution
Lazio Region
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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