MINS focuses on the regional development of the music industry through networks, education and research.
Värmland (Sweden) and Hedmark (Norway) county have the potential for a vibrant music life. The counties both have education within the fields of creation of music and music business, they also have diverse scenes and several active networks. A lot of people would like to make a living in the music business, but it is hard to get the financial aspect to work. Knowledge, connected strong networks and meeting places are missing for the stakeholders to grow their businesses and to continue to work in the regions. The goal of the project was to strengthen theese aspects. To reach this goal three focus areas were chosen;
• Increased knowledge and development of the music industry for cross-border networks.
• Increased knowledge and development within education.
• Research with focus on a music industry in changing.
Stakeholders benefiting from this project are mainly songwriters, musicians, artists, producers, festivals within the popular music sector and people in the start of their career within the region. After the end of the project period, the goal is to continue to work within these fields and areas and the educational institutions will continue to build on the results.

Resources needed

The funding for the project was 1,4 million euro and the main bulk went to finance staff, the competence and expertise from the participants; Karlstad University and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences was key for the implementation.

Evidence of success

• 8 research articles
• 1 music production education programme
• 3 pilots for sector driven courses
• 20 lectures
• 5 song writer camps
• 6 new businesses
• 16 new job opportunities
• 306 participants in activities (eg. Network meetups, workshops and mingles)
• 31 businesses have received support
• 22 businesses received support to introduce new products on the market
• 19 businesses received support to introduce new products to the company

Difficulties encountered

The main challenges experienced during the project were to match the different education systems in the two countries and to establish shared external channels for communicating.

Potential for learning or transfer

The work to develop a creative industry in rural areas could successfully be transferred to other regions in Europe. One key factor for success was the region’s strong investment in education. The reasearch articles and international networks esablished could benefit other regions in Europe, working with the regional development of the music industry. The main objective here was to benefit SMEs in the music industry (songwriters, artists, producers, festivals, etc.) in the popular music sector and those at the beginning of their career in the region. To reach the goal, the project used three interconnected areas:
Industry development for cross-border networks and coaching with study visits, seminars, participation in industry conferences, supervision, industry & songwriting camps.
Educational development with a 2-year ""Music Production Program"" at Karlstad University.
Research focusing on the music industry, such as the effects of digitization on the industry.

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Main institution
Karlstad University
Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
September 2016
End Date
August 2018


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