Project of complete renovation of the district heating in neighbourhood Planina, Kranj.
Neighbourhood Planina in Kranj got in 2012 completely renovated boiler room with increased energy efficiency and cheaper heating for residents. Project of complete renovation of the district heating in neighbourhood Planina also included the construction of combined heat and power (CHP) and represents one of the biggest energy projects in the Gorenjska region.

Investor of the project of the CHP was the company Soenergetika with the cooperation of the City Municipality of Kranj and civil initiative. The project was designed on the basis of concern for the protection of the environment, optimisation, increased energy efficiency and the reduction of heating costs for the residents of the neighbourhood.

Resources needed

The value of the total investment amounted to more than 5.8 million €, of which four million earmarked for the construction of CHP.

Evidence of success

CHP Planina has the boiler room with two gas engines that produce both electricity and heat. One of the engines has the power of 1 MW and is operating throughout the year and covers the need for hot water, another motor power of 3,3 MW covers peaks and operates only during the heating season. Residents of the neighbourhood Planina have 24 percent lower heating costs because of the investment. The total annual energy output is 21,7 million kWh and it should repay investment in six years.

Potential for learning or transfer

Neighbourhood Planina is a successful example of cooperation between civil initiative and private investors. Due to the nature of neighbourhood we can see a great potential for these kind of projects in eastern European countries.
Main institution
Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
June 2008
End Date
March 2012


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