The Photonics and Fiber Optic Cluster is cooperative initiative bringing together enterprises, science and research units and business environment institutions.
The main goal is to shape comfortable conditions for the development of photonic industry and companies using fiber optic technology, increase their competitiveness by providing knowledge, exchange of good practices, supporting innovation and stimulating cooperation between companies and institutions. Our goal is to make photonic solutions available for every branch of industry around world.
The main difficulty is high level of novelty of photonic solutions. Due to that industry often recognizes photonic solutions as difficult to understand, with shortage of industrial photonic specialist, risky implementation, maintenance and difficult to understand, since not reachable by traditional technologies, great benefits. With the Cluster we want to change it.
Our various activities (educational, promotion, IPR support, technology implementation support) are provided to various stakeholders (R&D organizations, universities and schools, industry, final clients, companies providing supporting services, government), e.g.:
• JOINT UNDERTAKING – support of the research program "Joint Undertaking" Lublin Upland of Photonic Technology, which includes competitions for the best projects concerning innovative Polish technologies for the production of photonic components;
• KIS WORKING GROUPS - support of Smart Specialisation groups, organized by Polish government;

Resources needed

The start of the cluster's activity required obtaining funds in the amount of PLN 302,000. In addition to financial resources, it was necessary to have a network of contacts to companies and scientific institutions that were interested in mutual support of initiatives within their competences.

Evidence of success

The cluster involved into photonic environment various companies and institutions, not only directly related on photonics such as schools, public institutions, government, potential final clients, different industrial sectors, lawyers, advertising companies, financial and administration companies, logistic suppliers. Such environment enable to build a full value chain of photonic solutions.

Difficulties encountered

The main idea of the Cluster was raised by InPhoTech company. The foundation – Polish Centre for Photonics and Fibre Optics is leading and managing the Cluster, and at the same time, not representing interests of any specific company. This organization enables better usage of the cluster potential.

Potential for learning or transfer

We consider our cluster as a good practice because a well-organized cooperation between the scientific community, industry, government, service providers and final clients is a key element ensuring development within the field. Into the cluster we involved stakeholders of the whole value chain of photonic solutions, that support the cluster's activities within its competence.
Another important aspect is the analysis of barriers to the development of the field. An earlier analysis of threats to the development of the field allows for the implementation of solutions and counteracting barriers, as well as taking part in the development of design programs supporting the progress of the field.
Main institution
InPhoTech Ltd.
Mazowieckie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
November 2012
End Date


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