INNOVVOICE online startup ideabator is a platform hosting a vibrant entrepreneurial community of actors from different backgrounds and various sectors.
Unlike existing traditional incubators (location-specific incubators), worldwide online incubators, such as VOICE, target the global entrepreneurial community.
Based on the power of the community and the openness of ideas, innovvoice builds a community and related features, tools, services to facilitate and provide support during the three different phases of starting up:
-IDEATION: transforming a raw idea into a solid, well-described and elaborated concept with the support of other innovvoice users as a way to facilitate transition to the next stages of MVP creation, incubation and growth.
-MVP CREATION: transforming a well-defined concept and/or defined specs into a product prototype and verified business model while collecting the maximum amount of validated learning about customers and market fit.
-STARTUP & GROW: transforming your verified Business Model into a sustainable startup company and making or growing a startup the lean way.
Here five roles one can have in innovvoice, either alternatively or jointly:
1.IDEATOR: one that wishes to formulate, express and elaborate one or more business idea(s), solely or, preferably, as part of an innovvoice team;
2.ENTREPRENEUR one that wishes to expand their business portfolio;
3.SERVICE PROVIDER: one that wishes to offer services to innovvoice teams or users, for free or at a cost, namely coding, design, marketing, advertising, legal support, business consulting, etc.;

Resources needed

The total budget: 3.407.069 EUR
The HR: professors, experts (specialising in ICT, engineering, innovation, entrepreneurship, economics, management), project managers, financial specialist, consultants.

Evidence of success

The impact/outcomes:
- A quicker transfer of innovative solutions to market.
- The exploration of new ideas for innovative services.
- Transform innovation in key areas of public interest.
- Accelerate the transfer of innovative applications and services to the market, Europe wide.
- Deployment of services sustaining the UE social model of an inclusive, cohesive information society for all, stimulating new activities leading to job creation; improving the competitiveness of SMEs.

Potential for learning or transfer

(a) bridges the gap between entrepreneurial need and action by providing an online, community-driven and social ekosystem that will support in addition to the standard incubation phases, where the individual has the need to be actively involved in entrepreneurial activity, but does not have any business idea or partners or special expertise about how to proceed;
(b) facilitates community-driven value, a core innovation element of the VOICE ecosystem. It will enable individuals that aspire to become entrepreneurs to tap into the collective intelligence of the crowd and turn their entrepreneurial interest or need into a collaborative research project that will result into a prototype and to a successful “crowdventure”.
Innovvoice addresses the needs of:
(a)B2C segment
(b)B2B segment
(c) B2G segment1
(d) the community at large.
Main institution
Mazovia Cluster ICT
Mazowieckie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
September 2014
End Date
August 2017


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