In Andalusia, travel card users can travel within the 9 Metropolitan Transport Authories areas enjoying the discounts and benefits available in each area.
Law 2/2003 governing urban and metropolitan transport of travelers in Andalusia established the creation of the Metropolitan Transport Consortiums, with the necessary powers to guarantee the efficient operation of the transport system, granting, among others, coordination and services control.
Among the measures adopted by the Transport Consortia of Andalusia regarding the tariff framework, It was incorporated a travel card that can be used in all metropolitan transport modes in Andalusia metropolitan areas with Integrated Tariff System,
The use of this travel card improves the commercial speed of the services, facilitating, in addition, the modal interchange.
This travel card can now be used in all Andalusia Metropolitan Buses network, as well as Seville, Malaga and Granada metro, in the metropolitan maritime lines of the Bay of Cadiz, for the bus-bike service, and as a means of payment in the commuter services of the railway operator RENFE.
In this way, citizens benefit from significant discounts and advantages when using the unique card in their metropolitan journeys.
In addition, the consortium cards are interoperable both in recharge and cancellation, and can be used and recharged in any metropolitan area regardless of the issue of the card.
This transport card, based on contactless chip technology, can be purchased at any of the authorized points of sale in all municipalities.

Resources needed

First investment cost and commissions:
- Software development (advance sales services, system to calculate compensations, etc.): 300.000 €.
- Equipments (servers, hard disk drives, etc.): 200.000 €.
- Cards: A bit less than 1€/each.
- External sales network: commission applied of 2.5%

Evidence of success

2015 numbers:
- Travel cards : 1.324.372
- Operations at sale points (2.057 sale points): 4.799.464.
- Number of travelers of a metropolitan areas that used the travel card in a different one: 205.664
There most recent indicator is linked to Granada Metro, that is integrated in the travel card: there has been an increase of a 44,6% in the use of the card over the previous year. In september 2018 there were 299.873 operative cards, out of 550.000 people living in Granada metropolitan area.

Difficulties encountered

- A continuous and flexible effort is needed to attend the new needs of public transport applicants.
- It is necessary to coordinate and standardize strategies and technological solutions in order to ensure interoperability throughout the region.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Key factors that determine the success of this good practice are the following:
- Establishment of achievable annual goals to progressively extend the scope of the card.
- The organization in nine metropolitan consortiums makes possible the implantation of the card simultaneously in all the metropolitan areas, adapting the advances to the characteristics of each one.
- The participation of the Local Entities with the Regional Administration in the consortium helps to maximize the use of this kind of tool.
- The use of standarized technological solutions helps to ensure the interoperability throughout the region

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Main institution
Regional Government of Andalucia
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2004
End Date


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