Gävle has since 2010 participated in the MIPIM conference to attract much needed investment to the construction of housing, as part of a joint SBA activity.
The MIPIM conference is Europe´s leading meeting place for investors and other actors in the real estate/construction sector, a unique opportunity to reach many international decision makers at the same time.

MIPIM in figures (2016):
- 21 400 visitors, incl 4 000 investors
- 2 450 real estate companies from 300 countries
- project showcases from 89 countries
- 380 journalists

SBA coordinates the participating actors, both public and private (in 2017 – 18 municipalities and 29 real estate partners), communicating a joint message on investment opportunities in the region, the positive business climate, description of the extensive market and the large numbers of development projects with the objective to show foreign investors and companies the many possibilities of investment and establishment of businesses that exist.

The municipality of Gävle has received around 20 new business contacts that have been invited to Gävle and presented the investment opportunities. Two of them have so far resulted in actual investments (long term processes – find the right project, buy land, get permits etc) and several other are under way. Other than that, the conference is also the place to maintain and deepen contacts with national real estate and construction companies. The municipality can also be a good reference for local/regional/national companies when discussing business and new projects in other countries.

Resources needed

The budget for the SBA participation in MIPIM is 500 000 € (excluding travel cost), of which the public partners pay for 100 000 € and the private partners 400 000 €. The cost of the participation of the municipality of Gävle is approximately 10 000 € (including travel cost).

Evidence of success

The municipality of Gävle consider this a good practice as we have been able to reach new business contacts, potential investors, that we otherwise would not have met. Through these contacts we have been able to invite the companies to Gävle and show them our city and the investment opportunities in real, with in several cases an investment as the result.

Number of new contacts: 20
Number of investments: 2 (with more in the process, defining project, finding suitable land, etc)

Potential for learning or transfer

This is not a very innovative good practice, more an example of what is possible when you can cooperate with others.
There is always potential for improvements. The participation in MIPIM is followed up by all partners and suggestions of improvement are included in the preparation for the following conference.
There is a good potential for replicability, the success factor being the strong cooperation and the joint structure.
Main institution
Gävle kommun
Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date