ENTER SESSION is unique conference, which provides great opportunity to meet and network SMEs, NGOs, public and private sector.
ENTER SESSION was created as a solution for the lack of networking activities for SMEs in the Prešov region. Prešov as third biggest city in Slovakia with almost 100 000 inhabitants haven't any opportunity for SMEs to meet and network, to talk about different kind of problems and topics, to transfer their know-how, to connect other people especially from business sector. This situation was impulse for Innovation partnership centre founded also by Regional Development Agency of Prešov self-governing region to create opportunity for SMEs, NGOs public and private sector through ENTER SESSION unique conference.
The main stakeholders are Start-ups, SME with the strong position in the region, University (as the research institution), Government (intermediary body within funding, policy instruments, open data...)
The last year of the conference was focused on creation of Creative Industry in Prešov region, where also partners from OSIRIS project where participated.

Resources needed

ENTER SESSION is usually financed through EU grants - different projects. Other possibility is to gain one or few strong partners - SMEs which can (after paying the fee) benefit from the event (PR in commercial TVs, online channels...). Usually 5-6 people are working on organization of conference.

Evidence of success

Very strong and good feedback from the participants on knowledge of information and contacts gained during the event. We consider as a success the fact that the third annual event will be organized. About 100 participants had 2 times chance to meet new potentional partners or clients. We expect that the number of participants will increase each year, that we can bulid strong base for regular and also for new participants interested in networking.

Difficulties encountered

Duration - it's hard to plan all day event, much more effective is to focus on one strong topic and push all the promotion on it.
Experts - try to gain an expert who will attract the audience - you have to communicate with him in a sufficient time.
Marketing activities - using social networks .

Potential for learning or transfer

ENTER SESSION is completely easy to transfer. It's not costly and it doesn't require special resources. The idea of unique event is easy to copy. What you need to have is a good and interesting topic and experts who will attract the audience. The conference runs through panel discussions in the premises of Innovation Partnership Centre in Prešov, but it can be organized where is demand for it.
ENTER SESSION makes good practice for several reasons - it helps people - SMEs, NGOs, public and private sector to meet and cooperate, it helps to discuss about any problems, it helps to cooperate with big companies (sponsors), it helps to promote Prešov region and it's activities for support SMEs, it helps to discover start-ups in the Prešov region, it helps to create new platform as a good base for networking for business sector.

Main institution
Innovation Partnership Centre
Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
October 2016
End Date


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