Consortium of more than 30 SMEs & research institutions working together in tailored cooperation projects within thematic fields based on their expertise
Cleantech Energy Crossing promotes cross-border cooperation in the development of cleantech innovations, focused on the sustainability of residential buildings and settlements (including local energy infrastructure). The project focuses on the following themativ fields: sustainable heating & cooling, [email protected], and micro-grid storage.
The focus on these thematic areas is due to the fact that the built environment is responsible for about 30-40% of the total energy consumption in Germany and the Netherlands. In order to achieve the climate targets of both countries, it is therefore necessary to develop demand-oriented products that cover and/or reduce energy consumption from renewable energy sources.
To this end, Stichting KIEMT and EnergyAgency.NRW are working together in a consortium of over 30 SMEs, knowledge institutions and other specialist organisations to further promote product innovations and to expand the transfer of knowledge from university institutions to SMEs. SMEs work together in projects within the thematic fields according to their expertise. In each field around 1.5 Mio. € is available for projects. The SMEs receive direct funding and benefit from the expertise of the consortium (both from other SMEs and academia). Thus, this project promotes the innovative capacity of "green" SMEs in the border regions and employment (development & production,and marketing).

Resources needed

4,855,807.30 € ,
approximately 60% covered by Interreg subsidy and 40% by private funds.

Evidence of success

Number of SMEs funded: 27
Private investment generated complementary to public support (grants) for SMEs: 647,538.90 €
Increase in employment in funded SMEs: 21
Number of new researchers in funded research institutions: 9
Number of total enterprises having participated in cross-border projects within the thematic fields (SMEs and other): 34
Number of research instituions having participated in cross-border projects within the thematic fields: 4

Potential for learning or transfer

The INTERREG project Cleantech Energy Crossing promotes cross-border cooperation in the development of cleantech innovations. Stichting Kiemt and EnergieAgentur.NRW have successfully realized a consortium of more than 30 SMEs working together in thematic fields based on their expertise. Other than in other Interreg A Programmes, SMEs receive direct funding for cooperation without an intermediary. Within the project, products to realize are pre-defined in thematic fields. The lead partner knows the expertise of his consortium and functions as a "match-maker" to connect SMEs with complementary expertise in order to best deliver products together. Research institutions in the project facilitate knowledge transfer from academia to business. Thw project offers a very targeted and efficient way to connect SMEs to optimally exploit expertise on both sides of the border. Competitiveness and innovation capacity of SMEs is increased by tailored cooperations with other SMEs and academia.

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Main institution
Stichting Kiemt
Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
July 2017
End Date
June 2019


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