Extension of the validity of the authorization released to waste treatment plants for dismissed vehicles (8 years instead of 5 years)
The decree has the purpose:
(a) to minimize the impact of end-of-life vehicles on the environment, in order to contribute to the protection, conservation and improvement of the quality of the environment;
b) to avoid distortions of competition, especially as regards the access of small and medium-sized enterprises to the market for the collection, demolition, treatment and recycling of end-of-life vehicles;
c) to determine the conditions that allow the development of a system that ensures efficient, rational and economically sustainable operation of the collection, recovery and recycling of the materials of the dismissed vehicles.

The authorization to carry out the processing operations for dismissed vehicles is issued to the treatment plants governed by the decree for a period of five years and renewable. In the case of a treatment plant which, at the time of issuing the authorization or its renewal, is registered in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 761/01 (EMAS), said authorization is granted and is renewable for a period of eight years.
It applies to companies operating in the end of life vehicles management with an Emas registration.

Legislative decree 24 June 2003, n.209. implementing Directive 2000/53/EC on end of life vehicles art. 6 comma 8.

Resources needed

The measure enables time savings of the Competent Authority. No direct funds are needed.

Evidence of success

The measure is very welcome by the EMAS registered organizations and in the past it has contributed/or it may potentially contribute to increase the numbers of EMAS.

Potential for learning or transfer

Environmental benefit: the environmental benefit has been assessed through the international document issued by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), by taking into account the ranks of business sectors according to the complexity of their environmental aspects.

Moreover, the measure was choosen by partners of ENHANCE, so it could be interesting also for other member States.
Main institution
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
June 2003
End Date


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