Waste Recovery and disposal companies, companies subjected to IED and other participating in public procurement can benefit from financial reductions.
In Italy, Waste Recovery and disposal companies, companies subjected to IED, and the companies participating in public procurement must provide financial guarantees to the competent authorities in order to be used in case of environmental accidents. Since EMAS could allow reducing the environmental risks, the legislators have decided to award the EMAS companies reducing the amount to be guaranteed allowing them to save money.

There are several cases, both national and regional. Examples:
- National level: Reduction of financial guarantee for companies Emas registered (50% less) or ISO 14001 certified (40% less). It applies to companies subjected to IED legislation as scheduled by Annex I of Dir. 2010/75/UE (Italian Legislative decree 4 March 2014, n. 46 )
- Regional level: 81) Regional Law. N. 4 of 28/3/2007 (Regione Campania).

Resources needed

Financial reductions for guarantees, so - basically and in case of positive events - no direct funds from Institutions are needed.

Evidence of success

Achieved results by the measure: the measure is very welcome by the EMAS registered organizations. Studies (see Daddi et al, 2014) on the effects of these measures have demonstrated a high effectiveness in the spread of EMAS in the waste sector that is in Italy one of the most important sectors in terms of number of registrations.

Daddi, T., Testa, F., Iraldo, F., & Frey, M. (2014). Removing and simplifying administrative costs and burdens for EMAS and ISO 14001 certified organizations..

Potential for learning or transfer

During ENHANCE project, this measure was found very interesting from other partners so it could be interesting also outside this project.
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Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
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March 2014
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