The project aims at the recovery and stabilization of transformation wastes (whey / scald) for the feeding of dairy cows.
Caseificio Molisano L. Barone is a dairy processing company that produces dairy products, especially mozzarella, using only high quality Italian raw materials.
The production process of the company generates whey which has to be disposed through an authorized methodology, since it is a polluting material.
The company in a partnership with another company (Az. Agr. Disenza Gianni) and with the local University (University of Molise) started to reuse the whey through an innovative process.
The company obtained regional funds to put into practice this innovative process and, thanks to the positive results, since 2013 the company is financing itself all this activity.
The process foresees different activities to reuse the whey, among which: Recovery and stabilization of the whey (the whey is provided by Casificio Barone and the University is in charge of the stabilization process of the whey) and used of the stabilized whey in the diet of dairy cows (activity implemented by Az. Agr. Disenza Gianni).
The use of stable and nutritional whey in the diet of dairy cows (through the watering and silage) contributes to obtaining milk of higher nutritional values and, therefore, the cheeses that the company Caseificio Molisano Barone produces have higher nutritional properties.

Resources needed

The amount of funding was 200,000 euros and was financed within the framework Rural Development Program 2007/2013 of the Molise Region

Evidence of success

Better quality of milk.
Better health of the cows.
Production of a low-cost natural ration.
Improved resource efficiency

Difficulties encountered

Limited support from local policy makers.
Lack of additional financial resources.

Potential for learning or transfer

The process has a high innovative value for both primary and transformation companies. The use of micro-organisms able to stabilize the serum and to increase its health and nutritional value allows the production of innovative and optimal products for the feeding of dairy cows. In fact the administration, through the watering and the ensilages, of whey and sheet stabilized with microorganisms allows to improve the management of the company-environment relationship.
Furthermore, the achieved benefits outweigh investment costs and there is a low implementation risks.
Main institution
UNIMOL- University of Molise
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
November 2018
End Date


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