Promoting the planning and implementation of new tourist itineraries, inc. interregional, dedicated to the undersea & marine nature segment in Sicily and beyond
The goal was to place the Sicilian territory on the segment of the maritime tourism market related to the travel motivation “nature” in the specific sense of “nature and active tourism”, related to marine and undersea elements, through targeted actions of diversifying tourism demand over time and space.

The following goals have been achieved:
- to increase the flow of national and international visitors for travel motivations related to “nature” and sea and support the deseasonalization;
- to develop the regional and interregional tourism offer for this target in a specialized product logic, safeguarding and enhancing the heritage of rarity and uniqueness of the environment and the land and underwater landscape;
- to create and expand the network system of the tourism offer specialized on the needs expressed by the segment and the target audience;
- to improve the quality of the tourist offer and the implementation of the production chain;
- to promote the collaboration between the public and private sectors;
- to design and implement targeted tourism proposals that can be effectively spent on the market, such as: underwater itineraries, fishing tourism, sustainable and responsible boat charter.

Digital guides produced to provide information on cultural, historical, archaeological, naturalistic heritage, as georeferenced itineraries. "Diving and nautical itineraries" include the registered dive points. Thematic itineraries: sea and nature, history and archaeology.

Resources needed

Total cost of the project: 226,000 euros

The project funded by Sicily Region with the resources referred to Excellence Project “Itineraries for the enhancement of naturalistic tourism” was born with the aim of promoting the planning and implementation of tourist itineraries, naturalistic segment.

Evidence of success

The following products are available:

- Website in collaboration with CoopCulture

- a Multimedia App “Sea, Nature, Sicily” in collaboration with ArcheoFrame Lab – IULM University of Milan (downloadable for free on the Apple Store.

The two multimedia products are structured as real digital guides in order to provide information on cultural and natural heritage.

This initiative received the 1st Prize in the ECTN Awards 2018 for 'Transnational Thematic Tourism'.

Difficulties encountered

An important challenge relates to the contiuity and legacy of an initiative of this kind, after the funding stops.

To this end, a memorandum of understanding was signed between public and private tour operators, which also envisages the continuation of activities after the end of the project.

Potential for learning or transfer

This initiative offers a very good basis for transfer to other coastal, maritime and insular regions.

In collaboration with the Italian "Sea Ways" start-up, a network of support, assistance and technical and tourist advice for boaters, the good practices arising from this project will be extended to other areas which are part of the 'Phoenicians Route', cultural route of the Council of Europe, such as Tuscany and Sardinia in Italy, Balearic Islands and Andalusia in Spain and Provence in France.

The Phoenicians – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe,
GAL – Sicilian islands, Tourist District “Selinunte, il Belìce, Sciacca Terme”, GAC “The sun and the blue between Selinunte, Sciacca and Vigata”,
OTIE – Tourism Observatory of European Islands,
CAST (Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism) – University of Bologna/Rimini Campus,
Consortium Pantelleria Island
Tour operators: Sicilvision, Findyourit.

Stakeholders include regional & local authorities, DMOs.

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Main institution
The Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Nasos Hadjigeorgiou

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism