Tool for the integration, consultation and analysis of information, which allows the reuse of data and the collaboration of people and entities.
It is a tool for the integration of available scientific and technical knowledge necessary for the proper development of public competencies in the planning, management, monitoring and evaluation processes.
The information is organized in interconnected elements: Species, Habitats, Sites, References, Ocurrences, Indicators, Institutions and people of the network of knowledge.
The main principles on which the System is based are: open access and reuse culture, for making data sharing the norm; data standards, for ensuring data can be understood and used across systems and across disciplines (DwCA, Plinian Core); persistent storage in Basque Government servers; easy-to-use for anyone and recognition and acknowledgment of contributions.

Resources needed

Around 1 M€ was needed during first years (2006-2010) to build up the infrastructure and 80.000 €/year (2011-2016) to consolidate it. Since 2016 we are investing 200.000-400.000 €/year to update information through public contracts, subsidies and investment programs and agreements.

Evidence of success

More than 950.000 occurences, 3.600 references, 8.000 multimedia, 9800 taxon, 1000 collaborators recorded, 50.000 visits to the website this year.

Difficulties encountered

We must make a more agile and collaborative tool and offer web services so that all the stakeholders involved feel the tool as theirs.

Potential for learning or transfer

The data model we use to integrate information from multiple sources and that relates the different objects to legal protection frameworks and conservation objectives can be exported to other regions, since we use international data and metadata standards.

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Main institution
Basque Government
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
February 2006
End Date


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