The Latvian IT Cluster represents Latvian IT companies and other stakeholders. It has received the Silver European Cluster Excellence Label and in 2018.
The LITC was officially established in 2007. Today it is the IT company community with a strong focus on internationalization, cross-sectoral collaboration and digitalization. Its vision is to be the go-to partner in digitalisation projects, playing a major role in increasing the competitiveness of Latvian companies on the global markets. The LITC stakeholders are Latvian IT companies, as well as public bodies, industry associations, other clusters and more. More information:,,

Resources needed

Since 2012 the LITC is participating in national, regional and European projects to support collaboration, internationalization and digitalisation activities. Since 2016 the LITC is taking up initiatives and as the lead partner managing international projects and partnership consortiums.

Evidence of success

The LITC has grown from 19 to 40 member companies from 2007 to 2018. In 2016, the LITC has been awarded Silver European Cluster Excellence Label and in 2018 it started to operate as Digital Innovation Hub offering an access to cross-industry and technological expertise, such as market insights, human capital growth, new technology trends and their application to different industries, as well as new product/ prototype development to help industries to be more digital, productive and effective.

Potential for learning or transfer

The LITC advocates the development of sustainable industries through digital tools. It operates the Riga IT Demo centre – a public tech showroom created to demonstrate the Latvian IT success stories and be the meeting point for technology entrepreneurs and their audiences to join various community events, such as hackathons and feedback sessions, build connections and share the know-how.
Hackathons, recognized in the startup environment, are the newest initiative by the cluster. It is believed that the concept, adapted in the corporate and industry environment and facilitated by clusters, will bridge the gap between tech and other industries, generate corporate innovations and build better products. This new industrial hackathon concept will enable LITC to share and replicate it in other industries among Baltic Sea Region and EU Clusters building a stronger business environment and network and boost the competitiveness of the companies on a global scale.
Main institution
Latvian IT Cluster
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
November 2007
End Date


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