Promotion and support of nZEB through capacity and confidence building in the public sector.
SustainCo supported the European vision for the energy performance of buildings, that by 2020 all new buildings should be nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) The SustainCo project aims to raise awareness of, and support development of, low energy building projects, with special emphasis on rural areas. SustainCo aims to increase the visibility of both new-build and renovation, with the aim of capacity and confidence building in the public sector. Activities included:

• Development of Toolkits which focus on technical and financial aspects of nZEB in relation to energy efficiency and renewable energy usage
• Promotion of near Zero Energy Buildings case studies
• Capacity building for energy professionals - development and hosting of a capacity building event and training for project developers including conferences, seminars, training and site visits
• Support of nZEB Pilot Projects
• Supporting Covenant of Mayors signatories in rural areas

Resources needed

The SUSTAINCO web-based technical and financial toolkits were developed as a guide on how to achieve nZEB standard in retrofit or new-build houses. We produced five detailed case studies on nZEB buildings, Ied three training events, a capacity building conference and 2 nZEB study tours.

Evidence of success

Average overall results of households:
• Investment cost: 1 226 €/m2
• Primary energy need: 76,5 kWh/m2/a
• Annually Heat Demand: 15 kWh/m2/a
• Investment cost of RES: 124 €/m2
• Annual RES generation: 63 000 kWh/a
Average overall results of public buildings:
• Investment cost: 1 277 €/m2
• Primary energy need: 127 kWh/m2/a
• Annually Heat Demand: 41 kWh/m2/a
• Investment cost ofof RES: 82 €/m2
• Annual RES generation: 49 000 kWh/a (16% coverage Primary energy need)

Potential for learning or transfer

Not all countries had a definition of what an nZEB is. It was important to research current government position and for the purpose of project we had to propose a definition for the UK.

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Main institution
Severn Wye Energy Agency
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area, United Kingdom
Start Date
March 2012
End Date
March 2014


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