EmiliaRomagnaSTARTUP is the regional strategy to boost innovation and favor startup creation. Its main tool is the website for the provision of services.
Launched in 2011, EmiliaRomagnaSTARTUP has a community of over 500 innovative startups and 80 organisations that support them.

Unique in Italy, it is a comprehensive and intuitive tool for entrepreneurial startups, addressing also actors who promote and support the creation of new innovative enterprises: universities and research centres, business associations, incubators, financial partners, private equity funds, the network of angel investors, startup experts and specialists.

EmiliaRomagnaSTARTUP offers orientation services, full information on all existing dedicated funding schemes, online and offline advice from consultants and experts, free participation in trade fairs, research funding, networking meetings, and collaborations with consolidated companies and managers.

The services and opportunities offered are always evolving: EmiliaRomagnaSTARTUP has launched international partnerships for the internationalisation of startups and has developed networks of managers to work alongside companies and professionals.

Resources needed

There are 3 types of costs :
-the implementation (100.000 €) and ordinary management (2 people full time) of the web portal;
-to the service provision (5 people full time)
- to the coordination of the network of institutions part of the regional ecosystem (1 person full time)

Evidence of success

The region is today a fertile territory for the creation of innovative enterprise. It is the 2nd region for number of startups in Italy, demonstrating the existence of a lively ecosystem for creativity and innovation. As for the platform results:
- 500 startups registered on the website;
- 80 actors that offer services for startup development;
- 150 orientation meetings organized per year;
- 200 startups supported by mentoring, acceleration paths expert advices;

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge met was to ensure the maintenance of the independence of all the actors involved, while at the same time improving their benefits (in terms of better services and access to opportunities) in being part of the ecosystem.

Potential for learning or transfer

EmiliaRomagnaSTARTUP is a regional strategy to boost innovation and favor startup creation. Based on a web platform, it has a high level degree of adaptability and transferability since contents and tools are based on the offer of regional actors. Before implementing the GP, a careful recognition of the regional ecosystem for startup support is necessary. When it comes to evaluate the potential for transfer, it is necessary to evaluate: the existence of an adequate critical mass of services and operators, the outline of an unique regional roadmap; the capacity to address end users (new entrepreneurs) to the most appropriate service/operator according to their needs; the capacity of boosting some specific services, and mainly the access to (private) funds.

The key aspect is to integrate the design of an unique regional strategy to support innovative startup creation,- i.e. access to services and opportunities - with more comprehensive tools as S3 and Structural Funds (ERDF and ESF).

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Main institution
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2011
End Date


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