CATHOS is the regional Government official electronic system for both administrative management and official registration of tourist establishments
The system allows civil servants to do consultations and any other functions that are necessary to carry out the tourism management competencies of the regional Government. New CATHOS2, currently under development, represents an integral revolution in the way the General Directorate of Tourism operates. Main advantage is that more agility, speed and simplicity will be achieved in the administrative procedures with the citizens, the businesses and the entrepreneurs. The new online application allows citizens to submit any administrative procedure with the Regional Tourism Authority in a telematic way. More important, the new online system will be for the first time ever, open access, that is freely available to the public at no cost. This gives citizens immediate access to the Balearic Islands tourism Registrar database, so they online can look up at the number of tourism establishments, and get instantly numbers and figures about our tourism activity.The new tourism Inspection module also allows to incorporate all the information of inspection tasks from mobile devices into the application. This innovative tool allows more transparency and offers better services. Thus, the new operating online facility (CATHOS2) greatly benefits private-public understanding and the cooperation with the Insular Councils since all be interconnected to offer better and quicker services to tourism businesses and citizens.Main stakeholders are: citizens, public administrations and tourism business

Resources needed

Cost: 285.963,24€ (2016: 56.856,24€ 2017: 182.056,50€ and 2018: 47.050,50€)

Evidence of success

No results so far. Platform ready by the end of 2018

Difficulties encountered

No challenges encountered during the implementation of the practice.

Potential for learning or transfer

Improving technology and the administrative operations and procedures with the private sector to make them easier, faster and more transparent, is an issue that can have significant contributions to tourism growth and an increasingly competitive industry.
CATHOS2 new public electronic administration tool improves the overall management of tourism of the region. In a strategy context, for a tourist destination it is necessary to establish a well organised information system for easy and quickly interaction with the public administration of tourism. Here is where the potential for learning or transferring this good practice to other regions relies on.
Main institution
Illes Balears, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2016
End Date


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