Balearic Islands have to turn tourism seasonality into an opportunity to offer more sustainable products that attract tourists all year round.
The promotional campaign BETTER IN WINTER was launched in March 2016 with the aim of developing a set of actions to give a boost to the medium&low tourist season.
Is promoted by the Government of the Balearic Islands (ATB) & is based on two basic pillars:
1) to guarantee employment stability of workers in winter in the tourism sector
2) to contribute to the sustainability of the destination, displacing tourist flows from summer to winter.
To achieve its objectives "BETTER IN WINTER" is additionally contributing to the improvement of the regional tourist offer through a sponsorship & collaboration agreements program.
Actions&projects presented by the enterprises should comply with the following rules:
1. Should boost tourism outside the summer season.
2. They should promote deseasonalization, winter tourist products, year-round employment in tourism or help to achieve an equitable distribution of the current tourist influxes to the Balearics.
3. All projects/actions must always be linked to one of the brands of the Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera and/or Illes Balears as a whole.
4. Projects/actions can be: tourist products, projects, actions, performances, celebrations, conferences, meetings, congresses, symposia, forums, exhibitions, workshops, or events that can contribute to promote tourism in Winter and/or to tourism diversification of the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.
Public entities & private companies can apply.

Resources needed

Cost: 480.000 € Call for sponsorships for the period from 1 January to 31 May 2020
Human resources: ATB communications dept. + PR Agency (5 persons)

Evidence of success

This practice formulates a new way to achieve the sustainability of a tourist destination while finding the right balance between tourist influx, a vital balance for residents and for the future of the tourism industry.
After one year of application the number of tourists in the months before and after 2017 summer, has considerably increased. This demonstrates that the "BETTER IN WINTER" strategy works.

Potential for learning or transfer

We consider this practice (or some aspects of this practice) as being potentially interesting for other regions to learn from, since it is a practice that establishes a durable model that helps balancing tourism influxes and progressively move into a more sustainable tourist destination, which shows to the world its genuineness and uniqueness. It is a good practice adequate for tourist destinations that year after year face large number of tourists, and that really need to diversify offer and to promote abroad their uniqueness.
Good Practice BETTER in WINTER and Good Practice SUSTAINABLE TOURISM TAX go together since are the 2 main STRATEGIES of the Balearic Islands Government to achieve sustainability in our destination. Therefore, the BETTER IN WINTER CALL is funded with money coming from the SUSTAINABLE TOURISM TAX.

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Main institution
Illes Balears, Spain (España)
Start Date
March 2016
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Carlos Bibiloni

Mallorca Chamber of Commerce