An influencer campaign (10 weeks blogsabbatical) to attract more visitors to the region and to extend their stay.
To attract more visitors to the region and to extend their stay, Maastricht Marketing and VVV Zuid-Limburg creating an appealing new PR campaign. An influential blogger, not from the region itself, will therefore tell our story. During the campaign, the sabbatical blogger, the influencers, and the media will share stories and spread the message. This will have an economic impact and help to increase brand recognition and the tourism market share.

- A blogger will embark on a road trip through South Limburg for three months, from 28 August 2017 to 5 November 2017.
- Interested candidates can apply for the sabbatical vacancy by submitting an inspiring vlog.
- The entire blog sabbatical will be slow-paced, with room for one activity per day for a total of sixty or seventy activities.
- The blogger will be given a Volkswagen minibus
- The blogger will receive a salary.
- The blogger will be joined by guests several times per week. The guests will generate their own content, thereby helping us spread our campaign message.
- Little moments of happiness will be an important campaign theme. There are several stakeholders for VVV Zuid-Limburg and Maastricht Marketing, including: Government and political agencies, tourism entrepreneurs, marketing organizations, and marketing partners.

Resources needed

Budget: € 50.000 for: Media & Communication, Meetings, Influencers, Advertisement and Practical (salary, transport, gas, assurance, gear etc.)The most important is the collaboration with entrepeneurs.

Evidence of success

- A unique concept that has never before been implemented in the region
- The partnership with local businesses
- The partnership with the City of Maastricht, which is its own Tourist Board/City marketing organization
- The partnership with famous influencers
- Budget was €50,000 - but media value is: €570,000!
- The blogger published more than 500 posts. Over 10,000 views.
- Increase of 300% in the number offfu followers on the social media channels of the blogger.

Difficulties encountered

We started this process too late, and many of them were no longer available. The blogger and the business must be briefed. The blogger needed more time to travel from location to location and to write down her experiences without feeling rushed.

Potential for learning or transfer

Every region can start a blog campaign with a relatively limited budget. It is vital that different businesses participate, such as accommodations, attractions, and bars and restaurants. To attract businesses, they need to be well-informed and motivated. Make it clear that it is not just about their personal interests but also about achieving a greater goal: putting the region on the map.
Main institution
Tourist Board South-Limburg and Maastricht Marketing
Limburg (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
June 2017
End Date
November 2017


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