A new model of territorial governance to expand proposals of vacation by integrating products/services and improving the competitive positioning of destinations
The project idea came from within the Union of Municipalities of the Valdichiana Senese. The Route of Wine and Flavours is the operational body that started the process to assert a territorial brand and enhance what is on offer in the area: environment, food and wine, life quality, local arts and crafts, spas, historical and architectural resources. After having aggregated the system of tourism offers the Tour Operator “Valdichiana Living” was set up in order to ensure the promotion and marketing of products and services. The 160 partners of the Route of Wine and Flavours have contributed to strengthen the operational capacity of the “aggregating” body, ensuring a supply chain, which starts from the strategic planning up to the drafting of annual programmes, and ends with the presence on the tourist market thanks to the marketing organised by the T.O. The main beneficiaries of good practice are all the professionals of the tourism supply chain in the area. The hotel industry accounts for 809 enterprises plus those working in catering, transport, guiding and escorting services, suppliers of outdoor activities, tasting and cooking classes, farms and wineries, food processing companies, etc..., all involved in the planning, production of particular items, marketing and the final monitoring of results. The institutional stakeholders are the Tuscany Region, Toscana Promozione Turistica and Fondazione Sistema Toscana, as well as the ten municipalities of the area.

Resources needed

Municipalities promotional programme for 2018-2020 worth €311.000. The Route of Wine and Flavours received funding for €150.000 from the EU and regional programmes. Toscana Promozione Turistica supports activities and events abroad.
H.R: 6 professionals for front office of the Information/Reception

Evidence of success

Training of the Network with precise goals has led to the setting up of the first regional example of a Monitoring Centre of Tourist Destinations. The function of this body is to foster the social dialogue for planning and monitoring the activities carried out. Thus, thanks to the creation of a group of enterprises, an entire territory has adopted a common strategy for the integration of the “area products” and their marketing.

Difficulties encountered

The main criticality is the involvement of the local stakeholders, who are not used to work with other companies and planning their processes on the basis of the objectives set by the supply system. Some training seminars and institutional meetings were held involving the ten municipalities.

Potential for learning or transfer

Beyond the contribution that this choice of forming an association ensures to the economy of our territory and of Tuscany, the tourist system of Valdichiana Senese can offer all the existing products in an integrated way, subdivided according to the target as well as to the unrepeatable values that the territory carries. Today the whole area attracts guests searching for experiential tourism forms, thanks to the Network that has been able to propose a range of options that combine environment and landscape, architecture, art, events and shows. All this will be paralleled with an extraordinary offer of wine and food, spa wellbeing, facilities and itineraries for sport and active holidays.

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Main institution
Tuscany Tourist Board/Tuscany Region
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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