Green and Circular Economy Strategy of Catalonia aims to foster sustainability as strategic area to increase competitiveness & jobs & reduce environmental risks
The Strategy for Promoting Green and Circular Economy of the Government of Catalonia aims to foster sustainability as a strategic area to attain economic recovery, increase competitiveness, create jobs, and reduce environmental risks. This strategy is structured into key policies' areas for promoting green and circular economy: the generation of demand and creation of markets, the improvement of the access to funding, the stimulation of research, development and innovation, the boosting of internationalisation and the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship. This strategy therefore contextualises the concept of green and circular economy in Catalonia. At the same time, it is a strategic roadmap that establishes the main areas of work for the medium-term, which are essential to promote this model in Catalonia.

Resources needed

The implementation of this Strategy will be carried out through sectoral plans and programs driven by the corresponding departments of the Government of Catalonia and with the participation of both public and private stakeholders.

Evidence of success

Circular economy represents gains in resilience, close links with local natural assets and new opportunities for most sectors, reinforcing competitive advantage improving efficient use of resources, developing new activities and quality jobs, and could act as a fundamental vector of competitiveness through innovation and efficiency:
- Coordination, collaboration and coherence among government policies and departments and with private stakeholders

Potential for learning or transfer

- Transfer of knowledge on green and circular economy
- Dissemination of circular economy concept and good practices in the region
- Opportunity to replicate model to lower governmental levels
- Example to other European regions to facilitate coordination within the different departments of a government.
Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2015
End Date


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