eTrondelag is the name of a strategy on how to work with digital development in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
The County Council established a team of 3 advisers with 4 core priorities back in 2005: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Municipality, Digital Innovation, and Digital Skills. In more detail the prioritized areas involved development of digital strategies / policies, development of high-speed broadband/mobile infrastructure, counselling (private and public sector), project management, facilitation of external and internal processes/projects, development of digital skills (SME/Municipalities), project acquisition (International, national, regional), R&D (own projects in cooperation with R&D institutions, and students at NTNU.) The main strategy for Digital Business development, is to build a platform for (and orchestrate) cooperation between business gardens/incubators, the R&D environment and the public financial mechanisms in the region, directly aimed at increasing the digital maturity-digital competence, and hence increase the development, within the small/micro companies in the region. This is addressed today through the Industry 4.0 Trøndelag project, developed by the County Council as a result of participation in Interreg Europe Skills+. Today the project aims to address the digital maturity and competence in 400 SME’s (up to 15 employees) in the region during 3 years. The project is owned by Trøndelag County Council. Digital Municipality has more or less the same angle. Digital Skills is overarching both in the restructured approach after merging With Nord-Trøndelag.

Resources needed

Between three and four full-time employers, and different funds to improve the digital infrastructure, and financing projects, including the Interreg Europe project Skills+

Evidence of success

Sør-Trøndelag County Authority has a leading role in the development of digital infrastructure in the county. Government grants and cost-sharing realize new coverage. Broadband accesses and new base stations for mobile coverage are developed in areas telecom operators don’t find profitable. More than 12,000 broadband accesses. Several Projects such as Digital Visibility, DiguT (organisation of municipalities), and Industry 4.0 Trøndelag (Cooperation With businessgardens/Incubators, R&D, SME's)

Difficulties encountered


Potential for learning or transfer

Other regions could learn how to build a strong unit within digital development to speed up the activities related to infrastructure, and digital development both in public and private sector.
Main institution
Trondelag County Authority
Trøndelag, Norway (Norge)
Start Date
January 2005
End Date


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