The GOONLINE supported SMEs with a purchase of basic terminal equipment, internet connection, technical support, development -maintenance of a simple commercial
The GOONLINE initiative was designed by the Greek Ministry of Development and implemented by the Greek Research and Technology Network and the National Organism for supporting SMEs. It was divided in 2 dinstinct activities:
- Purchase of basic terminal equipment, internet connection for two years and technical support for three years and development of a simple commercial web-page, maintenance and virtual hosting in an ISP for two years.
- A 3-day training by specialized consultants.
The action was addressed to Greek enterprises with up to 10 employees and at the local level it was implemented by 16 regional consortia covering the whole country. These consortia were formed by:
- Academic and Technological Institutions,
- Chambers of Industry and Commerce,
- Private sector
The whole operation on behalf of GRNET consisted in 3 visits from a Consultant of Training and Support at each eligible SME for a total duration of seven hours each, (3x7 hours), an Operation of a call centre and a web-based help-desk serving the country as a whole, the Production of informational and educational material and the organisation of information days in every major city in Greece, taking into account the specific characteristics of the local economy.

Resources needed

1) Specialized consultants
2) Nationwide awareness raising campaigns to motivate SMEs to participate
3) Public funds support to co-finance the training costs for SMEs

Evidence of success

1)More than 50.000 SMEs applied for the Programme, and finally 34.688 SMEs were involved in the project
2) 1.800 active e-business consultants were involved and 100 new full time jobs were created.
3) 1000+ promotional activities were organized all around Greece
4) 28 hours of multimedia educational content was created.
5) A release of an “SME specific” portal (
6) The project was selected and awarded by the e-Business Support Network.

Difficulties encountered

SMEs have challenge to backup employees who are in the training

Potential for learning or transfer

The GOONLINE project was divided in 2 dinstinct activities, purchase of basic terminal equipment, technical support and development of a simple commercial web-page in order to provide tools to strengthen SMEs in the target market, selecting and planning the most appropriate marketing actions based on their clients, products and services .
Main institution
GRNET (Greek Research and Technology Network) and the National Organism for supporting SMEs
Δυτική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 2001
End Date


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