A portal that brings together the place, the wines and visitors
Wines of Crete is a portal that brings together special products of the island: tourist and wine. It aims at the consistent promotion of Cretan wine not only on the island but to other places as well.The main objectives of the whole action are two. On the one hand, the promotion and recognition of Cretan wine, both inside and outside Greece now, and on the other hand, the development of a wine-tourism mainstream on the island, taking advantage of a series of 'touristic' advantages the island displays. The portal provides information on Cretan wines (varieties, wineries, history of wines in the island), alongside with information on the island as a tourist destination (history of Crete, maps, wine tourism, local gastronomy and Cretan diet). It is an effort to present Cretan Wines and their place of origin as an indivisible combination.

Resources needed

1) Modern tools for the development and promotion of tourism businesses
2) Experienced marketers in social media and digital market
3) Ιnforming wine producers about the action and its positive impact

Evidence of success

1)Creation of a network
2) Positive impact evaluation from the promotional tools that are used
3) Over 31 wineries are promoted through the portal.
4) More than 2,000 different people visited the portal in the first year and it has recorded an increase in the number of visitors at around 10% per year
5) Portal added value in sales of Crete's wine increased by 5% after the operation of the portal
6) Exports of Cretan wine increased from 2011 to 2015 by around 10%.

Difficulties encountered

1) Many sectors, many needs
2) Limited resources to evaluate potential impact of new technologies

Potential for learning or transfer

This tool is a successful instrument to promote a given business sector in a joint and coordinated manner, pooling efforts so that broader horizons can be undertaken at a promotional and advertising level. The organisation and methodology carry out by the Public Agency in order to coordinate this instrument can be transferred to other regions with similar needs
Main institution
Wine Networks of Crete with the Chamber of Heraklion
Κρήτη, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date
December 2015


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