This good practice is related to the offer of space and coaching services in the start up phase of the business for young people.
The context which triggered the introduction of the initiative was to the need to support new business in the region of Tuscany region. This was particularly relevant for peripheral areas, currently missing incubators, / accelerator spaces and services. It is an attempt to keep business ideas and young entrepreneurs in their city of origin. The calls are funded by the ERDF ROP for 2014-20, thus being directly integrated into the main regional policy supporting businesses and business ecosystems. The aim of the practice is to sustain the creation, running and growth of young entreprises, supporting them by providing equipped spaces and offering mentoring and tutoring services in the start up phase of their business.

Resources needed

630.000€ budget for these two calls, with different budget for voucher: € 15.000,00 in the case of "Call Start-Up House - Tourism and service industry" and € 36.000,00 in the case of "Call Start-Up House - manufacturing sector"

Evidence of success

The 2015 call for proposals financed 17 projects. Very important to the success of this practice is the creation of a good catalogue of services, in which the entrepreneur can find coaching and mentoring services offered by experts approved by Tuscany Region. Another key success factor is the flexibility of the practice: every entrepreneur under 40 can be beneficiary and there aren't particular requirements for the space to rent.

Difficulties encountered

The lessons learned during the implementation of GP is that for stimulating creation of new enterorises is strategic offering a tool to support new business in the regional peripheral areas, currently lacking specific services (incubators or other similar infrastructures).

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is easily replicable in other regions, because it is not strictly related to particular conditions. It offers a key service that is useful in the start-up phase in any territory, addressing a challange shared by the all cooperation area.
Main institution
Arezzo Innovazione
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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