Catalogue of energy improvement measures to apply for the Incentives Programme for Sustainable Construction in Andalusia.
The Incentives Programme for Sustainable Construction, managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency, sought to foster the energy renovation of existing buildings by energy saving and renewable energies measures.

But apply for an incentive, even online, is normally a long process that might largely discourage the applicant to finish the application . Therefore, the Agency launched a call to enrol private concerned companies as programme collaborators in the direct management and dissemination of the incentives programme in the name of the final beneficiaries.

Additionally, to facilitate the application to grants, a closed catalogue of 48 available measures involving a wide range of thematic as renewable energies, energy saving and efficiency, smart mobility, etc., was set. The 48th option is “other measures” to let access to innovative measures.

This closed catalogue allowed knowing from the start what actions could be carried out to save energy, as well as the amount of incentive available; which, without doubt, had an incentive effect to undertake the action, facilitating decision making.

The user-friendly self-guided catalogue was segmented into different categories and helps the beneficiary to navigate through the incentives call online application. The upper menu gives access to the different tabs that orientate the user:

• Energy improvement measures guide
• What should I know?
o Recommendations
o Step by step
o Key concerns
o Collaborating com

Resources needed

For the catalogue dissemination, a technical assistance for the amount of 17,275€ was contracted, in charge of preparing an interactive guide accessible through the Agency´s website with the measures included in the catalogue and graphical information on the main results of the Programme.

Evidence of success

Regarding the collaborating companies:
• 75% stated that the online tool was friendly, easy to manage and worked normally.
Regarding the beneficiaries:
• Almost 85% say that the Programme and their tools has contributed to raising their awareness of the energy consumption of their households/buildings, and the need to adopt energy improvement measures.
• 91% of beneficiaries value overall the Programme as very satisfactory.
The incentives were allocated in a brief time.

Potential for learning or transfer

• The catalog facilitates access to the incentives call, lowering documentary obligations and paper usage and animating the beneficiary to finish the application process.
• The application process and administrative complexity burden is much lower.
• Some improvement measures shall not be covered.
• The catalog needs to be updated due to the technological progress.
• A correct server architecture, OS, and beta versions should be tested before.

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Main institution
Andalusian Energy Agency
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2012
End Date
May 2014


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