Coworking space, incubator and accelerator that offers opportunity to learn, to develop business ideas and implement trainings.
Good practise KIKštarter Kamnik fits into local policy context for promoting business support. It is a part of Development strategy in the field of youth in the Municipality of Kamnik for the period 2014-2018 where it is stated: the establishment of a business incubator and financial incentives for self-employment and youth entrepreneurship; a positive supportive environment for the creation, growth and development of entrepreneurial activity; new employment opportunities by encouraging entrepreneurship. Municipality of Kamnik publishes a public call every year for Kikštarter activities to fund them.
KIKŠTARTER Kamnik arose from the initiative of Youth Center Kotlovnica which together with local stakeholders and Technology park Ljubljana recognized the need to motivate and stimulate entrepreneurial ideas of Kamnik's youth. They want to contribute to reviving Kamnik, create new jobs and reinventing Kamnik from a »sleep settlement« to a motivational economical and work environment. The initiative involved Technology park Ljubljana, as well as Kamnik Municipality and Rudolf Maister Grammar and Secondary School. Initiative was approached also by Kamnik entrepreneurs, joined in the Enterpreneurship club. Kikštarter also cooperates with Employment Service of Slovenia.

Resources needed

Partial operation and program funding by Municipality of Kamnik: approximately 15.000 € (yearly call);
Business club members’ contributions, volunteer hours - the contibutions are different amounts and mainly depend on current projects and needs.

Evidence of success

Today they are physically hosting 20 SMEs/groups, and 30 individuals. Won the national competition and became a finalist for the European award for promoting entrepreneurship (European Commission). Collaboration of all relevant stakeholders in local environment with high support of Municipality of Kamnik. Established entrepreneurial club with over 40 members.Slovenian finalist chosen by the SPIRIT Slovenia to foster entrepreneurship and finalist for best co-working space selected by CESA in 2016

Difficulties encountered

Legal registration of the organization can be a blocking factor due to some funds/calls being very restrictive in that sense. It is important that the legal entity is formed early in the process due to quite some calls being available only for organizations legally registered for at least two years.

Potential for learning or transfer

Bottom up approach with inclusion of all relevant stakeholders and understanding the needs of the local population is the most transferable to other environments, as we are not talking about duplicating the prescribed solutions and patterns but about applying the proven methods and tools to understand the potential and the needs and develop solutions based on that.
The whole model of approach can be replicated in other regions, if there is a case of a small Municipality or town (local environment with strong community) that do not have the critical mass for the development of high-tech economy.

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Main institution
Cooperative KIKštarter, entrepreneurship centre Kamnik (Matjaž Jug, [email protected])
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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