Smart Led streetlights of Penttilänranta: The lights have been changed to dimmable ones with motion sensors via Lumine Lightning Solutions.
Penttilänranta is a new residential district of the 4000 people in the City Centre of Joensuu. It would serve as an example of environmentally friendly area where construction companies and other businesses can try out e.g. energy saving technologies and eco-friendly solutions. The area is planned and implemented so that people resident at the area can access City Centre without using private cars. It is designed to be a sort of “car-free” zone of the City Centre. The land use and traffic arrangements has been made for the pedestrians and cyclists primarily.
One of the improvements is the street lightning of a 1 km walkway for pedestrians and cyclists, with 50 streetlights. The lights have been changed to dimmable ones with motion sensors via Lumine Lightning Solutions. When a by-passer gets close to the lamp it’s brightness rises from it’s basic 10 % level. The lamp stays then at maximus brightness for a short while. When the pedestrians or cyclist has moved past, the light dims back to the basic 10 % level.

Resources needed

Investment cost 80 000 €. Payback time of the investment 15 years. Estimated duration of the system 20 years.

Evidence of success

Experiences has been very good. The lights have been in use approximately 2 years and energy consumption has reduced around 70 %. Reduce of the Co2 emissions 1100 kg CO2e per year.

Potential for learning or transfer

Mercury lamps are becoming thing of the past. Many municipalities need to renew their lightning systems. LED technology has developed a lot and prices have become more affordable. When maintaining or updating the lightning system it would be sensible to take advantage of this new technology.

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Main institution
City of Joensuu
Pohjois- ja Itä-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date
December 2015


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