Public-Private Partnership (PPP) foundation set up by the Regional Government to foster alliance of private and public innovation
The Technological Corporation of Andalusia -CTA- is a Public.Private partnership set up in 2005 by the Andalusian Regional Government, as an instrument to:
• Create a joint collaborative platform to integrate research, academia, innovative companies, banks, public institutions and the Regional Government.
• Identify knowledge, technology capabilities and requirements from companies and research groups .
• Promote and fund R&D and Inovation projects to launch marketable products and services.

CTA finances sustainable R&D business projects in S3 sectors with the prerequisite of subcontracting, at least, 15% of the project budget to public research entities. Projects are financed using both: CTA’s own budget, funding from Regional, National and European funding sources and private funding.

CTA is specialist also in technology transfer and the evaluation of R&D, preferentially for their innovation cluster’s companies: +160 member companies regardless of their size or area of business.

Provided services include: strategic R&D advice; evaluation of innovative initiatives; support for the internationalisation of R&D; consultancy Innovative Public Procurement; support for technology scouting and studies and specialized ad-hoc reports.

Examples of projects supported by the CTA in this sector include the application of artificial intelligence to reduce the number of accidents , façades covered with highly efficient energy glass and the recycling of waste material

Resources needed

CTA has more than 40 employees and manage considerable public innovation funding. However, it can be replicated at a smaller scale if public institutions support the private effort on innovation by co-funding.

Evidence of success

2016 figures:

Funded projects: 625
 * 22% projects carried out in collaboration
 * Andalusian Public Research Groups involved: 341
 * Total funds granted: 157 M€
 * Total projects budget: 474 M€
 * Sectors:
 - Aerospace and Productive Processes: 126
 - Agrifood: 66
 - Biotechnology: 74
 - Building and civil Engineering: 38
 - Energy and Environment: 155
 - Leisure and Tourism: 26
 - ICT: 140

Difficulties encountered

The region needs some critical mass to support this initiative. We recommend replicating CTA into a supra-regional /national entity if the region is not very populated. Andalusia’s population is near 9 million.

Public co-financing funding is essential to grant the success of this initiative.

Potential for learning or transfer

CTA was a huge effort pioneered by the Regional Government of Andalusia. It is very advisable to set up a strong alliance among public sector, private sector, innovation actors and academia before.
CTA pioneered their unique model for the transfer and development of regional innovation and their methods have attracted interest from governing bodies and institutions from other Spanish regions as well as from abroad.

VIPA (Lithuania) and REGEA (Crotatia) has expressed high interest in the transfer of some aspects of CTA.

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Main institution
Technological Corporation of Andalusia
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2018
End Date


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