A system of verification and monitoring of the Incentives Programme for Sustainable Construction in Andalusia
The Incentives Programme for Sustainable Construction in Andalusia was fully developed with the collaboration of +.8.300 private companies, “collaborating partner companies” liaising in integrative public-private collaboration with the Agency in the management and processing of incentives, which facilitated the administrative procedures to request incentives by end users.
The Programme benefited 60.000 citizens, 600 neighbourhood communities and 2.500 companies, many of them SMEs.
The Andalusian Energy Agency set a protocol to evaluate both the monitoring of the actions, as well as other aspects such as the level of market competition and the strategic positioning of the collaborating companies, and also expectations and satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the incentives.
The evaluation process carried out included the realisation of more than 18,000 visits and telephone interviews to collaborating partner companies and beneficiaries of the incentives.
On one hand, more than 2,000 on site visits to collaborating partner companies were made, which accounted for 90% of those who have been actively involved in requests for incentives.
On the other hand, through 16,000 visits and telephone interviews to beneficiaries to validate the model through collaborating companies.
The evaluation results of the Incentives Programme for Sustainable Construction in Andalusia provided valuable information about positive elements and, as well, areas of improvement.

Resources needed

For the realisation of the follow-up, a technical assistance valued 428,250€ was contracted that was in charge of the definition and valuation of the follow-up indicators of the programme, based on the collection of data and evaluation questionnaires, including the realisation of 18,000 visits.

Evidence of success

Valuable outputs for next call:
More Simplification:
• Single and simpler procedure, less documentary obligations
• Clearer and more complete catalogue of actions.
Better Energy culture:
• New technical conditions on energy saving.
• More choices for more sustainable solutions.
More guarantees:
• Clearer conditions, audits as eligible costs.
• Ex-post certification of the actions.
New categories:
smart solutions for energy management in the digital home, NZEB.

Potential for learning or transfer

From the verification and monitoring system, the Andalusia Energy Agency has drawn a series of lessons learned that are taken into account in the design process of new programmes under the 2014-2020 framework.
Any other entity managing incentives can also get benefitted of this continual improvement process to measure public funding efficiency, getting feed-back and tracking evolution of needs and impacts.
As factors that might hamper the transfer is getting replies to a survey, which is always hard. We suggest “carrot measures” as to link the achievement of the final approbation of the grant or subsidy to answer correctly a questionnaire.

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Main institution
Andalusian Energy Agency
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2012
End Date
March 2014


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