Public-private partnership to facilitate the administrative procedures to request incentives by end users
The Incentives Programme for Sustainable Construction, managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency, sought to foster the energy renovation of existing buildings by energy saving and efficiency and renewable energies measures.

Apply for an incentive, even online, is normally a long and tedious and process that needs some training and assistance. This might largely discourage the applicant to finish the application process. Therefore, the Agency launched a call to enrol private concerned companies as programme collaborators in the direct management and dissemination of the incentives programme in the name of the final beneficiaries.
Most of the collaborating partner companies were SMEs, which contributed to generating economic activity locally.

The Agency´s online application tool included an interactive online mapping tool showing listing every collaborating company. The presence of an independent, impartial and public Agency enabled the programme to achieve significant results, ensuring this way a reachable and independent information process to citizens.

Most benefitted actors were obviously the final beneficiaries of the grants. However, the companies reported an increase of activity while the Agency was definitely benefitted by the free dissemination by means of the involved companies and the popularization of the programme.

90% of applications were conducted by collaborating companies.
8.300 companies enrolled nowadays.

Resources needed

Setting up and maintaining an interactive online mapping tool, showing the geographical location of the collaborating companies, to ease the process to find a company freely.
Human resources involved in the training and dissemination to collaborating companies.

Evidence of success

Surveyed collaborating companies stated:
- 22% increased their business activity with other collaborating companies
- 43% carry out other economic activities not covered by the Programme
- Over 70% reports positive contribution to the business (+93% increased activity), as well as the creation/maintenance of employment (+60%). 20.000 direct jobs were created (est.)
- 74% reported a better strategic positioning in the value chain
- 75% acknowledged an “excellent, very good or good” impact.

Difficulties encountered

• Improve the training of collaborating companies regarding the documentation requirements needed for justification of incentives
• It is needed to reduce the payment periods to decrease the financial burden supported by the collaborating companies.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice fosters the energy market of the regions, especially those not used to collaborate actively with the private sector, increases the professionalization of the construction sector and raise awareness of citizens.

It is needed a triangle of actors formed by beneficiaries, collaborating companies and a donor/managing entity, ideally public or non-profit.

Since the number of collaborating companies might be high, private associations are recommended as intermediate actors.

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Main institution
Andalusian Energy Agency
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2012
End Date


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