The Energy & Environment Cluster and the Energy & Environment Association (Neu e.V.) are key driver for the growth of Leipzigs economy.
The good practice is the close collaboration of the cluster association NEU e.V. and the Economic Development Office of the City of Leipzig. The association was established in 2011 by regional stakeholders of the cluster energy and environment. “Innovation trough cooperation” can be seen as motto for the success of the cluster. By providing a common platform to Greater Leipzig’s diverse entrepreneurial landscape, NEU e.V. connects individual competencies with financial resources and innovative ideas – all with one common goal: Creating lasting partnerships that work towards an environmentally sustainable and prosperous Leipzig and its greater region.
Cluster management association NEU e.V. enables its members to cooperatively develop ideas, realize projects and improve existing business models. NEU e.V.’s specific goals are to encourage the dialogue between potential partners, to market the Greater Leipzig region and business sector, to coordinate technology and knowledge transfer, to foster advanced training and educational opportunities in the field, to improve the sector’s general business and political framework, and to promote national and international cooperation.

Resources needed

Resources needed are:
-Personnel resources e.g. for cluster management and for implementing funded projects at least 1,5 staff positions
Financial resources for organizing project events, cluster team meetings, administrative tasks and for co-financing funded projects
- Network and contacts

Evidence of success

Neu e.V. has been successfully awarded with the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). Within this certification process Neu e.V. could meet all criteria relevant to demonstrate the excellence of the cluster. An interview was carried out covering 36 indicators to evaluate the cluster management, services provided, contacts and interaction within the cluster and achievements recognition.

Difficulties encountered

An encountered difficulty is tighter legislation, e.g. energy conservation regulation. In A broader sense, an encountered difficulty is the political framework, e.g. the German Energiewende.

Potential for learning or transfer

In January 2011 the association Neu e.V. was founded as initiative of regional actors outsourced from Leipzig`s “Cluster Energie und Umwelttechnik” (cluster energy and environmental technology). The management team of Neu e.V. offers a wide range of services for their currently 80 members and they work closely together with Leipzigs Economic Development Office. The 80 members consist of large cooperation, SMEs, research- and educational institutions, public administration, unions and dedicated individuals. The association’s members are elastically organized in seven cluster teams, each with a European Union | European Regional Development Fund different area of interest.

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Main institution
Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH
Leipzig, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
January 2005
End Date


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