Milanówek wanting to familiarize residents with e-mobility introduced a scooter rental system.
The aim of this project was to familiarize residents with e-mobility, starting with cheaper alternatives such as e-scooters. Since August the Municipality of Milanówek introduced electric scooters to give the opportunity to residents to try a different, more ecological mode of transport. The company that supplied the scooters monitors the journeys and the number of loans and how long the vehicles stand in one place. Low rental costs encourage residents to try this kind of transport.Parking stations are located in places that allow easy communication between PKP and WKD (public communication), which in turn allows to reduce the car traffic to common electric public transport. This contributes to the project's objectives, namely promotions and increased use of low-carbon modes of transport.This practice involveed employees of the city office, the company that provided thesharing system of e-scooters and inhabitants of Milanówek. The main stakeholder is the territorial self-government unit, which according to Polish law is responsible for the organization of public transport in its area. The beneficiary is any person who decides to use a scooter - mainly residents of the city, but also tourists

Resources needed

The practice can be implemented by extending the existing offer of the city bike system or concluding a separate contract with the contractor for the delivery of urban transport.The resources needed for this practice – approx. 7.000 Euro from 08.08.2018 to 30.10.2018 for 4 scooters.

Evidence of success

During the almost two-month implementation of the activity: 303 borrowings were registered lasting a total of 7826 minutes. Scooters were used not only in terms of recreation, but mainly moving between public transport stations. Thanks to this, we limit the daily use of cars for low-emission forms of transport. People have seen that e-mobility does not have to be expensive to use.

Difficulties encountered

-Time needed for preparation - including the selection of the contractor, analysis of possible rental locations and the number of vehicles.
- Consent to use the city's funds.
-The employees of the office gained new insight and knowledge about the introduction of a new means of transport

Potential for learning or transfer

Scooter-sharing is an ecological solution thanks to which residents of large and small cities can efficiently and without parking problemsmove around the city. All you need is a smartphone and an application from which the user can book, start and end rent the scooter.In particular, smaller towns with lack of infrastructure may benefit from this practice. In situations where residents often can not afford to have their own electric vehicle with a charging point, the city can ensure the possibility of using a common electric means of transport at attractive prices. E-mobility is also an alternative to cities with mountainous terrain. Difficulties in using bicycles can be eliminated by using electric scooters. The low rental price and the appropriate location of the station encourage you to use scooters that are as environmentally friendly as bicycles.

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Main institution
Municipality of Milanówek
Mazowieckie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
August 2018
End Date
October 2018


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