interactive talks was on 2017 European Mobility Week theme ‘Sharing gets you further’. Children were engaged in debates on benefits of car-sharing and pooling.
The main focus of these interactive talks was on 2017 European Mobility Week theme, ‘Sharing gets you further’. Hereafter, children were engaged in lively discussions where they have discussed the benefits of carpooling and car sharing. Road sharing between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, was also highlighted. Moreover, children have also discussed topics such as electromobility and cycling safety where they have pointed out the correct equipment that should be worn while cycling.
Children who participated actively during these sessions were awarded a tee shirt, promoting the European Mobility Week as well as the Malta National Bicycle Ride.
This Initiative forms part of the Awareness Raising Campaign envisaged in the Malta National Electromobility Action Plan.

Organisation responsible for the Good Practice: Sustainable Mobility Unit Transport Malta

Resources needed

This Initiative was carried out by two (Environmental Studies) students, mentored by a Senior Manager within the MNEP and as such, involved transport expenses for the students to go around selected central schools during the summer school clubs.

Evidence of success

This initiative was carried out in 2017 as a consequence of a very positive similar initiative which we had carried out for the first time in 2016. This year (2017) we were actually invited to run our programme and we have again been invited to carry out a similar programme for Summer 2018. Every year we are reaching over 500 (8-12 year old) students from across the island. In the first year, we reached round about five times this number since it was open to all centres on the island.

Difficulties encountered

Owing to the fact that the activity was held throughout the summer some pupils in some centres were more attentive than others.
Not all children attend Skolasajf - as a result we are missing out from reaching a larger amount of students (e.g. this year approximately 500 students were reached).

Potential for learning or transfer

Advertisers spend 100s of billions of dollars a year worldwide encouraging, persuading and manipulating people into a consumer lifestyle that has devastating consequences for the environment through its extravagance and wastefulness. Advertising exploits individual insecurities, creates false needs and offers counterfeit solutions. It fosters dissatisfaction that leads to consumption. Children are particularly vulnerable to this sort of manipulation. Young children are increasingly the target of advertising and marketing because of the amount of money they spend themselves, the influence they have on their parents spending (the nag factor) and because of the money they will spend when they grow up.

Electromobility is our ‘product’ and so we decided to promote it through child-tragetting marketing as part of the Educational campaigning envisaged in the MNEP AP – basically we are preparing the tyouth of today to become EM users fo the future.

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Main institution
Sustainable Mobility Unit Transport Malta
Malta, Malta
Start Date
July 2017
End Date
August 2017


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