Municipality’s own e-payment platform enabling all payments by citizens & businesses and integration with national payment hub in compliance with EU regulation.
The national initiative "pagoPA", designed to allow citizens and businesses to make all payments to public authorities (taxes, fees, bills for public services etc.) in a fully electronic, easy and safe manner in compliance with EU regulation, is the result of a collaborative approach among the stakeholders (central and local governments) with an important contribution by payment service providers. All public authorities were required to adapt their IT procedures for full integration with the central digital infrastructure known as ”nodo dei pagamenti”, operated by a national agency Agenzia per Italia Digitale. The Municipality of Genoa had previously developed its own payment platform called “MIP” and therefore capitalized on its own programming experience in a “smart” perspective of mutual public-private advantage, permitting a direct, non-invasive integration with the national hub, with no need to involve technological partners, thus rationalizing financial and human resources. MIP obtains data on payment amounts from accounting software and generates flows containing payment notices which are sent to central hub. The hub returns outcome of payments to MIP which records and transmits them to accounting procedures. MIP receives data on sums received by the bank acting as treasury and matches them with the credits. MIP updates the accounting software with data for the regularization of the proceeds received in the financial statements.

Resources needed

Presently the approximate cost of implementing this e-platform is 100.000 euros

Evidence of success

Year 2016
no. transactions = 4.274
gross total amount = € 624.930,00
Year 2017
no. transactions = 15.374
gross total amount = € 3.065.610,51
Year 2018 (up to 23 October)
no. transactions = 29.814
gross total amount = € 8.823.798,77.
Among the benefits so far: rationalization of financial and human resources, certainty of payment.

Potential for learning or transfer

There is a potentially high degree of transferability, given that this project has complied with the guidelines on electronic payments established by the Italian Agency which coordinates and harmonizes processes of digitalization and modernization of our Country in accordance to the Digital Agenda for Europe.
Main institution
Municipality of Genoa
Liguria, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
January 2017


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