Development of the first High Tech Aerospace Incubator in Andalusia (Spain) to increase the competitiveness of the regional industrial fabric
This high-tech incubator is conceived as an infrastructure where, equipment, knowledge and transfer of technology are crucial. In fact, the Aerospace High Tech Incubator, in addition to having appropriate and specialized infrastructure and equipment (laboratories, testing rooms, etc.), has a Partner Network that provides also all kind of advisory services on: scientific, business, financing instruments, internationalization, patent and brand registration, software and technological applications, project checking and validation platforms, etc. This way, the incubated entity receives added-value services, both from the various agents engaged in the process and from INCYDE, for a varying period of time (up to 5 years maximum). This time should enable them to engage in innovation activities.
Key data
• facilities: 1,400 square meters in the heart of the Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia,
• highly specialized resources:
 600 square meters of industrial warehouse
 .An incubation space for a minimum of 30 companies,
• network of tutors specialized in the launch and management of micro-enterprises,
• network of mentors specialized in the aeronautical sector and its complementary sectors
• network of advisors on financing, internationalization, etc
The Aerospace Incubator of Technology Transfer is a collaborative project of the Andalusian agents of the aerospace sector coordinated and managed by the Chamber of commerce od Seville.

Resources needed

The incubator has an investment of more than 1.6 million euros, 80% of which have been contributed by ERDF

Evidence of success

Since the Incubator started its activity more than 15 projects have been supported and 9 companies are nowadays in the Incubator developing projects of high technology, including projects of collaborative robotics, new applications of materials, assembly of small aircraft, or launchers for small satellites.

Development of an international cooperation Project with Portugal to take advantage of synergies between the Andalusian and Portuguese aerospace companies AIRBUS and EMBRAER

Difficulties encountered

• The set-up of a Strategic Adviser Board formed by the maximum sectorial representatives.
• The creation of a Technical Committee, for the selection of the projects
• The design of an incubation program specialized in this highly integrated vertical sector with entry barriers for new companies

Potential for learning or transfer

High-Tech incubators are conceived as a project focused on technology transfer by institutions responsible for R+D+i, to the market. To such end, it is essential to have a network of partners providing the necessary services to ensure that incubated Micro-SMEs receive R+D+i to be applied in their business models.

These High-Tech Incubator, in addition to being endowed with infrastructure and appropriate and specialized equipment (laboratories, testing rooms, demonstration rooms, etc.), shall have a Network of partners that will provide certain scientific and business advisory services, financing instruments, internationalization actions, patent and brand registration and maintenance, software and technological applications, project checking and validation platforms.

In this sense, this project main potential learning and transfer is the identification of networks of R & D service provider partners

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Main institution
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2016
End Date


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