The aim is to animate and to promote Biopharmaceuticals and Bioproduction in Region Centre Val de Loire.
French pharmaceutical industry needs to diversify and take the shift to bioproduction to remain competitive at European and mondial level. The huge influx of biopharmaceuticals within therapeutic arsenals and pharmaceutical companies pipelines is associated with the emergence of new scientific, medical and socio-economic issues that warrant a greater mobilization of the academic world. France is lagging behind in this field, but the Region Centre-Val de Loire has key assets to meet such expectations: scientific tradition in the field of vaccination, commitment of the MAbImprove LabEx dedicated to one of the most dynamic biopharmaceutical fields – therapeutic antibodies- and cutting-edge platforms and specialized teams to provide innovative solutions to biopharmaceutical development issues.
3 key actions have been identified :
- Support of entrepreneurship in drug innovation,
- Promotion of collaborative innovation and bioproduction in the Region CVL
- Promotion and animation of the Biopharmaceutical Dynamic in the Region CVL
Actions implemented :
- Creation and upkeep of a regional database but also national pool of potential stakeholders (private and public)
- Support for the creation of startups and technology transfer from the laboratory level to the market
- Afterworks : to generate osmosis between private and public actors for new collaborative projects

Resources needed

1 full-time equivalent
160 k€/year

Evidence of success

Annual events:
Each Afterworks (private/public) : 70 persons attendees
one Congress on the bioproduction each year : 160 persons attendees
7 création of New startups at the end of the program
Dynamic promotion towards the economic network by new formation setup.
Creation of the Loire Valley Invest seed fund in 2017.

Difficulties encountered

- a network of startups and young innovative companies (JEI) in the field of life sciences notoriously insufficient,
- the lack of support systems for the creation and start-up of the activity of these companies in the field of biotechnology mainly an incubator + a seed investment fund

Potential for learning or transfer

The need for common places between academic researchers and private company dedicated to the biotechnology seems a crucial point for the major development collaboration allow to add high values and the emergence of startups. It is also necessary to couple these places to a regional investment fund for early phases of startups.

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Main institution
Centre, France
Start Date
January 2013
End Date
June 2019


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