Develop and structure the international collaborative dynamics and increase the socio-economic impacts
• Selection of international experienced researchers :
according to European standards, for long term residences and around projects funded by the regional Ambition Research & Development Programs as Biopharmaceuticals Program*.
* : This Biopharmaceuticals Program is an Regional Ambition Research&Development program focus on new medecines development obtained by bioproduction process.
• Welcoming international researchers and their families in the best possible conditions to ensure their integration into the region and within the Biopharmaceuticals Programme research teams.
• International scientific networking :
Support to the creation and management of networks of international academic researchers and industrial partners coordinated in region CVL, with the aim of bringing the actors of the biopharmaceuticals dynamics in the region towards collaborative financing of europeans projects as H2020 type.
• Scientific animation
Organisation of various international events in collaboration with the host laboratories of the Biopharmaceuticals Programme and with the technical and administrative support of LE STUDIUM. These events are intended to increase the international impact and the visibility of the Biopharmaceuticals Programme, to enrich it by additional external intellectual inputs, to foster the consolidation of sustainable international networks as well as transversal exchanges between different research teams.

Resources needed

979 K€ for the period 2014 – 2017
Know-how of LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies for the attraction and selection of international high-level researchers as well as for the organisation of international scientific events.

Evidence of success

Welcoming of 4 international experienced researchers between 2014 and 2017 (Average of 25 months in the region for each LE STUDIUM Research Fellow)
23 publications in peer-review international journals for the 1st phase by LE STUDIUM Research Fellow
Organisation of 16 international scientific events by LE STUDIUM between 2014 & 2017
Increase of the international visibility of the regional ecosystem
Development of new scientific collaborations as with Jagiellonian University

Difficulties encountered

- Integration of businesses in the internationalisation dynamics. In other words, feeling that “only” academics invest enough time to implement a concrete internationalisation strategy
- Lack of H2020 call for projects focused on Biopharmaceuticals

Potential for learning or transfer

Increased interaction with the different regional actors (IMT Group, Polepharma Cluster, LE STUDIUM) - but also the regional agency for European research (CMER) and the regional agency for economic development (Dev’Up) - is needed to better coordinate efforts and increase the socio-economic benefits of the Biopharmaceuticals Programme and its visibility. The formats proposed by LE STUDIUM allow leverage through the international exposure they generate, but better coordination of efforts will allow the involvement of the industrial world more effectively and to generate sources of European funding.

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Main institution
THE STUDIUM as an Institute of Advanced Studies
Centre, France
Start Date
January 2014
End Date
December 2020


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