Provide an e-cohesion compliant system for ESI funding applications.
The WEFO Online service allows organisations to seek European funding and conduct their business with the Welsh Government via an electronic portal.

WEFO Online is a bespoke system built to interface with an internal [Welsh Government bespoke] electronic management system (PPIMS), used for 07-13 Structural Funds and 2014-20 ESI funds.

The systems use the underlying premise of having two systems (one internally facing and one externally facing) that interface with each other and allow seemless, transparent management of the funds.

Organisations use the web portal to communicate securely with the Welsh Government to apply, view and manage their grants online. WEFO Online meets all e-cohesion requirements.

Public, private and third party sectors use WEFO Online. Information is dealt with in exactly the same way, regardless of who is the user.

In line with Welsh Language Standards, there is also a Welsh version of the WEFO Online site which can easily be switched to English or vice-versa.

Resources needed


Evidence of success

The system has been used to manage European programmes since 2006 and is held up as en excellent example of an E-Cohesion compliant system.
Audit queries are kept to a minimum as all relevant details are kept in one place.

Potential for learning or transfer

Presentations and visits are encouraged.
The technology cannot be transferred.
Main institution
Welsh Government
West Wales and The Valleys, United Kingdom
Start Date
April 2006
End Date


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