Thematic Seminars organized around specific topics of interest for companies, technological centres and universities.
S3Chem Specialized Seminars are a tool to bring companies scientific and technological developments within the Chemical sector and to create a space for project generation.

The Seminars are organized around specific topics of interest to companies, technological centres and universities with the aim of bringing companies scientific and technological developments that can be applied in their businesses and to create a space for project generation.

The objectives are: to present the state of the art of chemical technologies; to stimulate debate between different actors of the chemical ecosystem; and, to contribute to the generation and development of projects and innovations.

Seminars bring companies and research closer, facilitate technology transfer, and cover distances and asymmetry in information to create innovative projects.

Resources needed

Staff costs for selection of the topic and organisation of the event
Conference Hall or meeting room

Evidence of success

As a result of these seminars, companies have identified new technologies and they have started to develop collaborative projects. For this purpose, the region will also promote project calls in the future.
So far 3 seminars have been developed:
• Synthesis and Catalysis Processes: flow chemistry and enzymatic catalysis: 27 participants
• Trends in Surfaces, Coatings and Membranes: 32 participants
• The role of chemistry in bioeconomy and the circular economy: 46 participants

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge is to ensure and achieve a wide participation and to follow up the synergies created.
Lack of knowledge of the capabilities of the technology centres in the region and complicity with companies.

Potential for learning or transfer

This type of collaborative seminars can be replicated in other regions to promote early technology adopted and increase competitiveness of European chemical companies.

Within the framework of the project, mechanisms and platforms can be think out to connect companies and centers from different participating regions.
Main institution
Regional Government of Cataluña
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
May 2017
End Date


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