Supporting the transition to low- carbon economy thanks to the reduction of energy consumption in public buildings or in buildings for public use
Italian hospitals are housed in old buildings: some statistics report an average age of about 50 years. New structures have been created recently, but the tendency is to restructure and/or redevelop existing buildings without carried out a cost-benefit analysis supports this choice, on a case by case. The high consumption of electricity and heat are expensive in terms of costs and in terms of environmental impact for the health companies.
These funds have been allocated for the development of:
a) Infrastructure projects and/or modernization of public buildings and installations, finalized to the energetic efficiency of the facilities or building (building envelope, thermal insulation of the floor, covering and walls, replacement of fixtures, replacing cooling/heating and lighting systems);
b) Energy efficiency interventions of hospital building;
c)Interventions aimed at the rationalization of energy consumption of public service, with particular reference to the field of integrated water cycle, through the dissemination of automatic control systems for the optimization of consumption and the integration of management through its purifying plants electromechanical devices and inverter of the aqueducts of transport.
The beneficiaries of this practice are the hospitals and the main stakeholders involved are the companies, citizens and public administrations.

Resources needed

The total amount of the funding for the presented projects is € 23.671.00 with the involving of n. 5 hospitals of n. 3 different provinces of Campania Region.

Evidence of success

Thanks to the collaboration between ANEA - Naples Agency for Energy and Environment (CLEAN project partner) and Campania Region we have obtained an upgrade of regional resolution with a mention of CLEAN project (Regional resolution n. 382 27/06/2017) . In fact, in order to increase the funds it was consider the possibility to mix this regional funds (from Regional Operation Program) with Thermal Account funds (from National Program)

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is potentially interesting for other regions because the proposed measures must be accompanied to the energy audit, which identify actions that will reduce and optimize energy-consumptions.
In addition, thanks to the possibility to link this funding with other funding opportunities (national or European) the regions can get an increase of the financial envelope available for hospitals and for the public health system that bring a benefit to the whole region in terms of efficiency of public welfare.
The proper use of energy can give help to save resources to allocate to the improvement of health services. The bioclimatic architecture, the more rational use of energy, greater respect of the environmental impact, a more efficient and effective management are resolved in fact in greater comfort of the sick and therefore in a better quality of service.
It is important to make hospital’s departments more liveable and comfortable for a better hospital stay.
Main institution
Campania region
Campania, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
March 2017
End Date


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