Stimulate collaboration within the agrifood sector & with other sectors; develop from idea to market concept using regional business developers and financers.
The Agrifood sector in Brabant exist of two sectors (the agricultural sector and the food sector) who not always work together well. The big financial risks are taken in the agricultural sector, the biggest margins are earned in the food sector. Both sectors themselves belong to the best performing in Europe / worldwide. But not working together is getting one of the biggest weaknesses. Next to that, mainly the agricultural part, the sector develops and innovates singingly, is not open for new technologies, new methods of new approaches. Since the High Tech sector and the agrifood sector are the most important sectors in Brabant we aim to let them collaborate more. The potential of the solutions the high tech sector could deliver for issues in the agrifood sector are huge. By stimulating this, the high tech sector could develop a new market area and the agrifood sector can further develop with new solutions. Stimulate collaboration within the agrifood sector and with other sectors. And really help develop a idea to a market concept using regional business developers and help financing projects.
We have about 10 miljon Euro’s available (four year program money) for business development, co funding of EU funds (mainly ERDF) and invest in specified project.

Resources needed

Financial costs: 10 million EUR for the period of 2014-2019. Management costs: 1 fulltime project leader 2 par time policy advisors. All employees from the regional government. It demands a constant focus an project capacity.

Evidence of success

With the implementation of IP Agrifood we managed to establish a network structure in which regional business developers and financial instruments really work together. More than 40 clusters have been supported, over 80 business plans have been developed and more than 50 have received European funding (mainly CAP and ERDF). Based on the sector development and on feedback received from our Triple Helix partners we chose to focus of the IP Agrifood on the cross over with the High Tech sector.

Difficulties encountered

Working with several regional business development agencies is difficult, regular meetings with them stimulate working together. You can look at the agrifood as one economic chain. But there is still a big distinction between the agricultural part and the food processing part of the chain.

Potential for learning or transfer

Key elements for implementationa re: working closely with (regional) business developers and facilitate real help and money for projects which are focusing on the goals of the program. The program seems recognizable for the most EU regions.
Main institution
Province of North Brabant
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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